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Posted on: May 13, 2008 11:39 pm

I'll dedicate the first post to my crappy fantasy baseball team. I'm in a pretty good 5x5 10 player NL only league. As of last night I was in 9th place, pretty crappy, but until 2 nights ago I feasted in last. I'm still not sure how my good team is so very crappy. Isn't that the case with every 9th place fantasy team. They tell you of how everyone has started off crappy and how the players they have are so much better than their stats.....Well endulge me, I have the best 9th place team there is......Nah probably not, but I guarentee some of my guys win the slow start award. They key is are they starting slow or are they not just that good.

Some key players: Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and Saito....all off to slow starts.

But the reality is a review of my draft show a few key mistakes......I drafted Barry Zito (enough said) I am too embaressed to even say in what round. I drafted Felix Pie, not a bad pickup for a gamble pick in the final round or two, but I picked him at least 3 rounds too early.

But I have hope the team has come around to get a few hits these days, and sitting in last place for the past 6 weeks has gotten me a few good free agent pickups. Time will tell. That's it for the first post, I'll try to hit the fantasy baseball topic every once in a while but not so often that I get labeled that fantasy dork that everyone makes fun of.....don't think I'm him at least.

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